About The Breeder

My name is Phyllis Houston and my affix is Philbo. I have been breeding Dachshunds since 1978.

A lover of the breed, ever since my first dachshund Tilly. I didn't choose her she chose me! she belonged at the time to a good friend, and when
I went to visit, she always went nuts to see me, so much so the owner said " you better have this dog, because she seems to prefer you to me!"

So the rest is history. She was my shadow, mind reader, co-driver she was always happy to go in the car.

Tilly was black and tan, but her mother was a silver dapple. After seeing her mum, a lovely marked silver dapple I was interested to breed my own
silver dapple. Yes I did breed one and still to this day I have a very soft spot for a nicely marked one. The first silver dapple I breed was named Silver Dream, which was of course my dream come true!

Over the years I have breed and shown with pride Many Silver and Chocolate dapples with of course some black and tans. Here are some of my best known dogs:

Champion Philbo Silver Serenette.(silver dapple) B.O.B. CRUFTS

Philbo Silver Ripple (Sire of the above)

Philbo Moment of Truth (black and tan)

Philbo Chocolate Lace (chocolate dapple)

Philbo Chocolate Variation (chocolate dapple)

Philbo Silver Dutches (silver dapple)

Philbo Moment of Sorrow 'N' Joy (black and tan)

Philbo Persian Princess (black and tan)